About Carden

Carden Preparatory Preschool is a member of the Carden Educational Foundation

Carden Preparatory Preschool/Kindergarten Mission
Carden Preparatory Preschool (CPP) is committed to educating the whole child in a nurturing small academic group setting. Academics are balanced with character development and enhanced through the arts and science while fostering independence.

Carden Preparatory Preschool/Kindergarten Philosophy
CPP believes each child should be equipped in such a way that the knowledge and skills he attains serves him as tools by which he may express his individuality. He should be led on and on to conclusions that he realizes not memorizes. Thus the child has the experience of thinking through from experience to and articulate conclusion.

Preschool/Kindergarten Curriculum and Goals
The Carden preschool program offers a pleasant, purposeful atmosphere in which children are awakened to the joy of learning. Carden trained teachers offer constructive guidance, and are aware of the particular needs of each child. Carden utilizes a three-step learning process through which children experience, identify and define. Carden teachers help the children’s vocabulary to grow by using adult vocabulary. Carefully selected literature promotes the development of a powerful vocabulary. Through the use of games, pictures and colorful blocks, children come to understand the concept of whole numbers, and to experience the joy of arithmetic.

The preschool/kindergarten program also includes music, art appreciation, basic science, social studies including beginning geography and culture awareness. Preparing our students for Kindergarten and first grade at their individual learning development is our priority. In order to achieve this we teach in small groups and divide the students according to their personalities and academic knowledge.

About the Carden Method
The CARDEN METHOD is a vital educational philosophy with proven teaching techniques applied to a curriculum concerned with the development of the whole student. The Carden curriculum begins with students as young as three-year-old and continues through middle school, each level reinforcing and building upon the strengths gained by the student during the previous year.

Using a highly individualized approach, Carden meets each learner’s particular needs. Students receive the sound, well-rounded education they need to realize their full potential in life. Carden believes that life is a joy, and so should be learning. This attitude promotes a life-long love of learning among Carden students.