Uniform and Dress Code Policy

General Purpose
“To realize that the goal of living is not the amassing of money or possessions, but the attainment of the desires of the heart.”  ~Mae Carden

Our Carden Preparatory Preschool students wear uniforms to demonstrate pride in our school’s focus on academic achievement and character, both inside our school and during student learning experiences in our great community.

Carden attire may not be altered.

Dress Code Guidelines

  1. Light blue or Navy blue polo shirt
  2. Khaki, black or navy twill pants or walking shorts
  3. Khaki,black or navy skort (girls)
  4. Plain Socks
  5. Carden Cub T-Shirt every Friday (Denim jeans, sweat pants, shorts or skirts may be the attire accompanied with the Cub T-Shirt)
  6. A plaid jumper may be available for the girls.

Footwear must be closed-toe, athletic shoes that are comfortable enough to be worn throughout the day from classroom to outdoor play.